The best coach training in the world – PERIOD!!

Apr 12th, 2017

By Kathy McKenzie, Director FIRE UP Coaching The best coach training in the world – PERIOD!! How do you respond when someone in your area of expertise claims to be far superior to you? I found myself having quite a strong response to an email sent to me last week by someone directing me to […]

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2017 – The year of re-defining your life

Jan 17th, 2017

So the world may have gone mad, but now is the perfect time for self reflection and to take stock of what’s working.  What would you change to live a greater purpose and to be more fulfilled?  How will you re-define your life this year?  We are excited to be extending our focus to continue to support […]

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2016 – The year of the unexpected

Jan 17th, 2017

UK voted to leave the European Union, US voted for Trump and we lost many of our musical legends…Bowie, Prince, Cohen.   What happened at FIRE UP in  2016?  We thought we’d share some of our highlights of the year past and what we’re all FIRED UP about in 2017! There seemed to be a collective […]

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Why REACH is the new GROW in Coaching

Nov 8th, 2016

We are very excited to share with you this insightful article on FIRE UP’s very own coaching conversations model, REACH, written by one of our beautiful students, Linley Watson – co-founder and Managing Director of Peak Performance International a leading Australasian people and culture consultancy. “One of the contemporary tools gaining traction is the REACH coaching model. Built […]

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Information Night

Oct 27th, 2016

Ever contemplated venturing into the wonderful world of coaching and leadership? Looking to take your career to the next level? Come chat with Kath McKenzie and our coaching and leadership experts, find out how coaching and leadership can benefit your professional and personal life. Programs include: 4 day Neuro Coaching 2 day Mindset Coaching 16 […]

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Are your leaders coaches?

Sep 26th, 2016

10 TO 13 OCTOBER  – 4 FOUNDATIONAL DAYS TO DEVELOP YOUR LEADERS International Coach Federation (ICF) research completed in conjunction with the Human Capital Institute (HCI) found that organisations with a strong coaching culture demonstrated a higher rating for engagement.  These studies have been conducted for the past 4 years with the latest just released in […]

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Developing the Mindset for Success

Aug 26th, 2016

By Kathy McKenzie, Director FIRE UP Coaching The last few weeks have presented me with many opportunities to think about how we keep supporting learning, and helping people to shift old resistant mindsets and replace them with more open flexible ones. Early in the month I attended a VDC Breakfast at which Chris Fagan was […]

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What’s your niche?

Jul 15th, 2016

By Kathy McKenzie, Director FIRE UP Coaching One of the areas that is most challenging for new coaches when setting up their own businesses, is getting new clients and marketing themselves.  One of the critical factors to being successful, is being able to very clearly identify who your ideal referral is.  It is key to […]

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May 5th, 2016

By Kathy McKenzie, Director FIRE UP If you think back over the past week, have there been any opportunities for you to challenge yourself and to stretch beyond your comfort zone? Stretching ourselves often needs us to take a deep breath and dive in, but my experience is that the space beyond our fears and limiting […]

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“Reverse Engineering the Narrative”

Apr 5th, 2016

By Kathy McKenzie, Director FIRE UP Coaching I love hearing stories of people dreaming something, but then shelving it because it seems impossible, only to manifest that dream much further down the track. Tim Minchin referred to his journey to writing the music and lyrics for the stage musical adaption of Roald Dahl’s famous book […]

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Mar 8th, 2016

By Kathy McKenzie, Director FIRE UP As a female CEO it would remiss of me not to celebrate the achievements of all women today. Firstly, and most importantly, I will honour my mother who shows such strength continually.  As a mother of 12 children she has instilled strong values in all of us and given us […]

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Work on your 70/20/10

Feb 29th, 2016

By Kathy McKenzie, Director FIRE UP Coaching No matter what your role is in an organisation, it is worth understanding what 70/20/10 refers to and reflecting on your conscious choices around actively learning and reflective practise in the workplace. I don’t hear anyone in the workplaces I interact with saying that they don’t have enough […]

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